Report: Josh Gordon to Explore CFL; Possible?


The Josh Gordon saga seems like it will go on for days. We will have a personal response to Gordon, the league and the Browns later today. Yet as we prepared those statements this tweet came across Twitter:

An interesting thought. If Gordon wants to stay in football shape, and truly loves the game, playing in the CFL is a way to do it. While the level of competition in the CFL is far lower then in the NFL, it is still football. Browns fans could keep track of how he is doing. He would also be surrounded by a support system of his teammates, coaches and the rest of the organization. Yet there is one hang up in this plan:

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Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL
Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL /

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  • So a pretty clear cut answer for Gordon: No CFL for you.

    Obviously there are a ton of reasons for this including risk of injury, control over a player under contract and an inflexible league. Yet could this be a part of Gordon’s legal team’s plan. Not only is the NFL suspending him for a year, meaning he doesn’t get paid, but it is also forbidding him from making a living elsewhere.

    Needless to say we expect legal action and a very interesting process. So far that is all we have seen so we don’t expect this to just go away because the NFL says Gordon has to.

    What do you think of Gordon in the CFL? What about his NFL contract keeping him from playing there?