Greg Little Released by Oakland Raiders


The Cleveland Browns are busy making a ton of moves to get to the 53 man limit. One player that they cut long ago was just cut again: Greg Little.

What makes Little getting cut even more interesting is his tweets following the Browns releasing him and the Raiders picking him up on waivers:

Not sure what Little is going to do now on October 26th. Maybe another team will pick him up and he will have a game. Possible but unlikely as the Browns and Raiders are two teams who have needs at receiver but have let him go. Little has always been more confident in his own abilities than teams or fans have been.

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This Pre-Season little showed very little to help his cause with the Raiders. Could Little make a return to the running back spot that he played in college?

For the Browns just another poor draft pick, second rounder, looks terrible on the field. Looks great in the weight room but can’t perform. Some are interested in Stephen Hill, just waived by the New York Jets, but Little could be a warning for anyone wanting a player like Hill.

Either way the Browns can now not worry bout Little taking out his frustrations on them on October 26th. If he catches on with another team would he circle a Raiders game or a Browns game at this point?

How much did you dislike Little on the Browns.