Practice Squad: Browns Add 5 More Players


The Browns roster, both the 53 man and the practice squad, are starting to come into focus. The Browns made a number of moves today to their 53 man, including adding 2 offensive linemen, a wide receiver and a running back. We have all your coverage here on DPD all day long. They have also reportedly signed a fullback to their practice squad, one that breaks facemasks.

Five more players were reportedly added to the practice squad this afternoon. Many of which will sound very familiar to you in Jacobbi McDaniel (this writer’s fav), TE Emmanuel Ogbeuhi, LBs Keith Pough and Justin Staples. The Browns also added offensive lineman James Brown who was cut by the Chicago Bears for them to get to the 75 man cut down.

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The 5 spots left do not include the fullback reported earlier, Kiero Small, so it looks like the PS has 4 spots left. It is possible, and even likely, that Connor Shaw or another QB will join the squad as well. WR Charles Johnson who was released today, along with OL Martin Wallace and Karim Barton are also eligible for the practice squad. Those 4 could finish off the PS for now. More moves are possible with the second set of waivers, players waived so the first set of waived players could be signed by new teams, become available tomorrow.

Players are able to be signed off practice squads and on to 53 man rosters by any team. Just like the bottom of the roster this PS often changes throughout the season.

What is your preference for who fills out the rest of the Browns practice squad?