Report: Charles Johnson Waived By Browns


The Cleveland Browns added a big receiver early today and now reportedly have let the only other one on their roster, Charles Johnson, go via waivers:

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Johnson was a favorite of many as he had the physical gifts that were seemingly lacking in the rest of the receiving corp outside of Josh Gordon. Yet none of it manifested itself during the pre-season games and fans were left wondering. It seems that LaRon Byrd will be taking his place as the big receiver on the team.

Johnson, as Pelissero points out, was brought over from the Packers practice squad last year with a torn ACL. Because of practice squad rules the Browns had to carry him on their roster for 3 weeks even though he could not play.

He is a analytics favorite, with his height/speed combination. He just wasn’t ever able to put it together on the field.

From the highlights we have seen of Byrd he seems to be putting it together as shown here in a highlight including Brandon Weeden actually throwing a fade route not out of bounds:

So it doesn’t seem Johnson will be missed but the Browns certainly could still add another receiver. Johnson is eligible for the practice squad if he clears waivers. Could the Pack come calling again?

Do you think the Browns should of kept Johnson and Byrd?