Browns add Center to Practice Squad


The Cleveland Browns continue to look to develop their roster. Including adding players to their Practice Squad to help during the week as well as to develop younger players who could be an asset to the team in the future. Today the Browns announced the addition of center Patrick Lewis to their practice squad:

While Lewis was on last year’s practice squad that has little impact due to the Browns different Front Office and coaching staff. What might be an impact is where Lewis spent this Training Camp: Seattle. If I had given you two guesses I am sure Seattle would of been one of the two. The Browns have made picking from the defending champs scraps a regular occurrence this off-season. If you are going to have a trend it is not a bad one to have.

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Lewis actually spent some of the summer on Jacksonville’s roster before being waived and picked up by the Seahwaks on August 26th. Lewis was then waived a few days later making him available to the Browns.

Lewis provides some depth at a position where no other true center is on the roster. John Greco can play the position in a pinch but would weaken another area of the line. Just like having a backup fullback on the Practice Squad is helpful, having a center is as well.

At least he knows his way around Cleveland from his time last year.

Any thoughts on all the Seahawks, even if only for a few days, the Browns have brought in?