Cleveland Browns Season Preview

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The Cleveland Browns had one of the most interesting off-seasons in the entire NFL. This is especially true when you consider that the team finished with only 4 wins last season and whose fans would be excited about a .500 record in the upcoming season. The Browns Season Preview is an interesting one.

As the Browns are apt to do, the team turned over a majority of the key decision makers. The CEO/President is gone after a little over a year and a half. The General Manager didn’t make it a full year and the Head Coach got to the end of the season before getting fired. The Owner of the team is still intact, but not without some concern that his legal woes would impact his day to day operation of the team.

The team went into the off-season with a great deal of cap space and draft assets to improve the 4 win team. The new front office and coaching staff stated over and over again that they planned for the team to compete this 2014 season. Unlike previous regimes they made it clear that losing would not be accepted, even knowing that the young team would need time to develop. Words like process, next year and patience were gone, at least to start with.

Even with all the promises of a competitive team, the Browns stand a few days before Week 1 and few fans and even fewer analysts believe they have a chance to do so. Concerns at the all important quarterback spot, a lean wide receiver corp and a rookie Head Coach prompts significant concerns related to the team. A defense that performed well last year, and made significant improvements in the off-season, the addition of a creative, well thought of offensive coordinator and a down division are reasons for hope.

Today Dawg Pound Daily brings you an in-depth look at the upcoming 2014 NFL Cleveland Browns’ Season Preview. You can click on the different sections listed here to skip to those of interest to you or use the page arrows to cycle through. We hope you enjoy and Go Browns!

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