Browns Game In Jeopardy for DirecTV Customers


The Cleveland Browns square off with the Pittsburgh Steelers opening weekend. A huge rivalry game to open the season is fun as all teams have hope that their teams can compete this year. Fans often make opening weekend a special weekend. This is especially true for Browns fans whose season’s hopes have fallen by the wayside quickly in most of the last 2 decades.

Yet due to financial haggling DirecTV customers might miss the game this weekend, and in the future, unless an agreement can be made. The problem is between DirecTV and Raycom Media:

"The carriage standoff between DirecTV and Raycom Media has blacked out Big Four network affils on the satcaster in major markets including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Charlotte, N.C., and West Palm Beach, Fla."

The Big Four affiliates include CBS in Cleveland, who carry the Browns’ games. That means that DirecTV customers could miss the game. Obviously those customers have some options but for many who spend upwards of, or more than, $100 a month on their bill to DirecTV it is frustrating. Until today many didn’t know who Raycom Media was, so it is more difficult to get frustrated with them.

Fans options are to find a friend with Time Warner Cable, who has had their fair share of issues, find a bar that carries the game or go old school and disconnect DirecTV and buy a High Definition antenna and hook it up to your TV.

Either way another situation where us little folks are harmed by 2 corporations quibbling over money. For any other situation we might understand but don’t you dare deny the passionate Browns fans a chance to watch their team, especially on opening week.

If you have DirecTV, what are you planning to do on Sunday?