Could Josh Gordon’s Suspension be Reduced Due to New Rules?


Josh Gordon‘s situation seems like it will hover over the season for the Cleveland Browns. Anytime the offense struggles to make plays in the passing game, Josh Gordon. Anytime a receiver drops a pass, Josh Gordon. Anytime the Browns fail to score in the redzone, Josh Gordon.

Now not only is the Browns season veiled in Josh Gordon but so could the negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA on new drug rules. We covered the new rules as possibly Josh Gordon Rules (New Window) a few days ago. Now it seems not only could Gordon’s situation of impacted the rules but he could be impacted by them as well. According to Pro Football Talk, Gordon and Wes Welker could possibly see their suspensions reduced:

"If the NFL changes its policy and agrees to apply it retroactively to players who tested positive this year, Welker and Gordon would benefit. Which means that while the players’ union is stopping short of saying an agreement is very close, Welker and Gordon would be wise to call their union representatives and urge them to get the deal done, and get it done soon."

Obviously there is nothing to say that this would happen, in fact since both players lost appeals already it would be more of a shock if either was impacted. Negotiations are a tricky thing though. The league wants HGH testing, in anyway that they can get it. That means concessions on their part. Could Gordon, Welker and others benefit from those concessions? It is possible for sure. A source for the Washington Post backs up PFT’s take as well:

"One of those people called it “possible” that the suspensions of Gordon and Welker could be affected by an agreement. According to that person, some on the players’ side are particularly eager for the NFL and the union to apply the finishing touches to the prospective deal, which would put blood-testing of players for human growth hormone into effect and also could result in other significant changes to the sport’s drug policies.The other person confirmed that modifications to the Gordon and Welker suspensions were possibilities but not certainties if the drug-policies agreement is finalized."

It seems that there is momentum towards assisting Welker and Gordon but the NFL, especially under Roger Goodell hasn’t often changed their rulings. They fought the Gordon appeal and ended up ruling that the suspension is to be upheld. The bigger question is how important just a few players are to the NFLPA? Is getting Welker, Gordon and others off worth it to the NFLPA or will they try to get bigger, league wide concessions instead?

Either way it looks like the Gordon situation will continue to loom. Could the ending be one no Browns fans thought was possible after the appeal loss? If so how quickly could Gordon get back on the field and how quickly can he get ready?

How likely to you think of the new policies granting leniency to Gordon this season?