Steelers Injury Report


The Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers square off in a Week 1 match-up of AFC North Division rivals. The Browns Injury Report came out earlier and we have you covered (New Window). Now we have the Steelers injury report and will look at the possible impact on the game Sunday:

Lance Moore was brought over from the New Orleans Saints to provide some replacement for Emmanuel Sanders. Instead he starts out with his new team on the bench. Moore provides good slot receiving skills and could have caused problems for linebackers and safeties trying to cover him. Martavis Bryant is a bigger rookie receiver out of Clemson who, along with Markus Wheaton, could give the Browns trouble due to their height, speed combination. Instead the Browns have less concerns in the passing game.

Wallace is a backup center. If Maurkice Pouncey is hurt the Steelers would be in trouble, having the backup questionable could create even more problems should Pouncey get nicked up. The questionable players are most likely to play but their injuries could be exacerbated during the game causing them to come out. Brice McCain is the backup behind Ike Taylor. Missing a 3rd/4th corner could be a big deal against most teams but against the Browns it is far less of a concern.

The Browns need every advantage they can get to overcome the QB difference between the two teams and the lack of production the team could get from the WR position. While no starters are injured, the blow to the Steelers depth could benefit the Browns, especially in pass defense.

What injury sticks out most to you?