Browns Scheduled for First Shot at Ray Rice


Sports is fun. It is suppose to be anyways. Even on Mondays after Cleveland Browns loss we often have the fun of looking forward, either to next week or to the NFL Draft. Writing about sports is fun. It is suppose to be anyways. It is a job as well, a part time one at that, that takes time, has commitments and responsibilities. All great things.

Days like today, as well as upcoming September 11th, are tough for me. The video of Ray Rice hitting his now wife and her hitting the bar in handrail in the elevator, I won’t link it here at all, has me disturbed. There is much I want to get to from the Browns Vs. Steelers but that video stole my energy.

So writing this is an attempt at something cathartic for me, and maybe for you. I have zero respect for Ray Rice. The first video, of him dragging her out of the elevator was once thing. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. This video proves it was worse. Pathetic. Someone asked Matt Miller the basic question: “What if they had video of your worst 15 seconds of your life?” His answer, like mine is simple, it wouldn’t be me hitting a woman. For me it wouldn’t be anything close to it. Rice needs to go away.

The NFL is pathetic. They say they didn’t have the video. Well than get the video before you do anything. Now that we all have the video figure out how to do something more to Rice. Forget the Josh Gordon case. Let him sit too, I don’t care. I would be much happier if Rice’s suspension is lengthened than if Gordon’s is shortened. Figure it out.

The legal system is a whole different issue. Having worked with the courts for years I know certain things are very important in the legal proceedings. Some states, like Ohio, the crime is technically against the state. So in Ohio if Rice was charged it would be the state versus Rice. No matter what his wife wanted or didn’t want. In some other states it is victim versus defendant, much like a civil case. In those states the victim can choose not to go forward with the charges. If Nevada is like Ohio than they should be investigated for how they handled this.

If Nevada is setup where the victim is the one involved it just adds to feeling bad for his wife. I know zero about her but she seems to feel powerless in the situation. The Ravens setup the bullcrap press conference. She apologized for what she did. She stuck with him. Must be terrible to be in a situation like that where you feelings for someone and their behavior means that was the best decision she could make. Hopefully she has support around her.

Now on to the Browns.

Week 3

If nothing changes on the Ray Rice suspension the Cleveland Browns will have the first game against the Ravens with Rice playing. Already a number of current and former players have come out against Rice. The feelings in the Browns locker room must be similar. Rice and Phil Taylor have already had their beef.

I want to make it clear, I am not encouraging anything to happen. I also am not saying I want anything to happen. I am however wondering what will happen when he is on the field. I assume that many of the Browns defenders have wives, daughters and mothers that they care deeply about. Seeing violence against a woman likely spurs up huge feelings.

Playing a physical sport against a man who would do that to a woman provides opportunities to express their aggression. As I shared on Twitter, I would not be shocked if  2 or 3 Browns were not thrown out of the game for choosing to take the law into their own hands. Whatever that may look like, it will not look good for the NFL to see players going out of their way to “get” another player.

If that happens I also expect the NFL to come down very hard on those players. Likely some warning would go out before the game even. The NFL is likely not happy this video came out and put Rice back in the headlines and will not want it to be an ongoing thing in Ravens games.

I wouldn’t condone any action against Rice on the field, but I would understand. Nothing in that game would surprise me.

Now the ball is in the NFL and the Ravens court. The Ravens have backed Rice, as they did Ray Lewis during all of his criminal trial process. The NFL is likely unable to give Rice double jeopardy. Rice isn’t likely to just give up money and retire.

It is someones move. If the NFL, the Ravens and Rice don’t make a move I expect the Browns defense to do so.

(Before asked: No I will not be writing an article about whether the Browns should pick up Rice should the Ravens cut him. No.)

What do you expect in Week 3 if Rice is still playing?