Browns Endzone Vote Has a Winner


Since Jimmy Haslam has taken over the Cleveland Browns they have gone out of their way to try to listen to the fans. This has happened in big and small ways including scoreboards, drumline and a new mascot, or two. It is an appreciated gesture that the ownership group gets that the Browns fans should have a voice and does have options.

One little way they did this was allowing the fans to vote on which endzone color scheme the fans wanted. One option was orange with brown lettering and the other was an brown background with orange lettering. CEO Alec Scheiner unveiled the winner, and the look on the field via Twitter:

That was the one I voted for. The brown on orange looked a little too gaudy for my tastes. While it is not a big deal, and doesn’t impact the play on the field at all, it is positive to see the administration working for the fans.

Likely the traditional Browns helmet will go on midfield but could they surprise us with the dawg face or elf? Doubtful but that would be interesting.

Now hopefully we get to see Browns players celebrating in these endzones this Sunday and not just a slew of Saints marching in (bad song reference).

What did you vote for? What do you think of the administration’s addressing fans?