Josh Gordon Speaks & a Report He WILL Be Reinstated


Josh Gordon, and the rest of the Drug Policy stuff, will likely get lost in the Roger Goodell tape/lie scandal. Another case of someone in power thinking they could get away with something.

Gordon actually spoke recently to a site called On Deck. The videos are not easily embedded here but you can click this link to see the interview (New Window). They did a interesting thing, which I like, in breaking up the interview into separate questions. He answers questions about how he felt when he got suspended, whether he has a drug problem (he says no), what the rehab facility said, his thoughts on playing for the Cleveland Browns and more.

Whether he will play for the Browns is still up in the air. Albert Breer has constantly attempted to protect fans from getting too excited about Gordon being reinstated. He has focused on what he is hearing related to the timeframe of players who will be reinstated. Since Gordon’s test was before the start of this league year it is possible he will not.

Yet Chris Mortenson has a different thought according to Michael Salfino:

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Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL
Josh Gordon is getting yet another chance, this time with the XFL /

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  • That is a very definitive statement. Obviously nothing is set in stone and we can all speculate what we think could or should happen. Mortenson is a reliable reporter who has great sources.

    Than again so does Breer. Neither has to be wrong in this case but for Gordon the reinstatement doesn’t seem as much of a slam dunk as some believe.

    The Goodell situation, as it gets worse, means the NFLPA has the NFL over a barrel. The NFL wants HGH testing and to get that the PA will likely try to get as many concessions as they want. If the league doesn’t approve than the Drug Policy continues as is for awhile. That would negatively impact Gordon, Wes Welker and others but the PA has to keep leverage over the situation. A willingness to table all talks until next year is one way to do so.

    What percentage would you put on Gordon being reinstated? 0% means he won’t be and 100% means he will be.