Johnny Manziel Plays Unlikely Sunday Says Shanahan


Besides the possible addition of Josh Gordon to the offense this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, the Cleveland Browns have Johnny Manziel to give some pop to the offense. Head Coach Mike Pettine has stated that a package of plays for Manziel is possible each of the last two weeks. Last week he got no time against the Pittsburgh Steelers, even with the team down a ton at halftime. Kyle Shanahan seems to have shot down that notion:

Yet, with the way the Browns dealt with Manziel working up to Week 1, it is quite possible that this is another ploy. The local fan base hasn’t been calling for Manziel after Brian Hoyer‘s and the Browns second half comeback. There is no reason to try to squelch the fire of the fans.

It is also curious that Shanny would go against what Pettine said earlier in the week regarding the use of Manziel. Hopefully there is no rift but Shanahan has been in the league long enough to know the right way to conduct business.

With the Browns having their home opener against a talented New Orleans Saints team coming off a loss, the use of Manziel could be a way to take advantage of Rob Ryan’s aggressive packages. On the other hand Manziel has struggled when pressured up the middle, where Ryan is likely to bring the pressure.

Based on his use in Week 1, his lack of development in the pre-season and Shanahan’s comments it seems unlikely that Manziel will see the field. Then again that just might be what the Browns want you to think!

What odds do you put on Manziel seeing the field Sunday?