Josh Gordon Likely to Return After Drug Policy Vote Tonight (Update is Not as Positive)


Even though the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers have a game tonight it looks like we will get an end to the Josh Gordon saga after all. Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFL and NFLPA are expecting to finalize their drug policy tonight which will lead to suspensions being overturned:

While he doesn’t specifically note whether Gordon will be involved it seems to indicate that all suspensions will be a part of the agreement. As Andrew Brandt pointed out, the union works for all players and would likely seek all players impacted by the deal to be reinstated:

We will have more if/when this becomes official tonight and look more closely at the details and impact on Gordon and the Cleveland Browns.

For now it looks like Browns fans can get their hopes up. This writer will not as negotiations and policy work can greatly impact results with only one word. I am a optimist about my teams but with things of this nature I tend to prepare for the worst and hope the best.

Update: As I sort of expected it may not be all good for Gordon, Schefter, according to Matthew Berry, said Gordon could still be suspended for 6 to 10 games:

How are you feeling today with this updated news?