Remembering September 11th – My Story


September 11th is a generational experience that changed the landscape of America. It was a day that changed big and little things in our great country. Dawg Pound Daily is a sports site. Sports are not important in life, they are fun. Obviously all of us fans, short for fanatic, care greatly for our teams but things like domestic violence and September 11th put sports into perspective.

This story, through my tweets and photos, is from my experience from about 2 months after the tragic events. A group of us went to New York City to see how we could help. I haven’t posted anything yet today as I processed these events. I want to respect them, last year for the other site I run, nothing else was posted on this day, but we will begin our Saints game preparation this afternoon and provide a distraction from all the negativity.

While processing I decided instead of writing an indepth, long story I would share with all of you through my tweets and pictures to give you a glimpse of my experience without overwhelming you with words and details:

– That is me in the middle thinking I was cool with my hat on backwards. I look so young.

–  That Pepsi can is a miracle to me.

What is your story when you think about that tragic day? How did sports help you during those tough times?