Breaking Report: Josh Gordon to Be Suspended 10 Games (Mary Kay Cabot Reports)


Earlier today Adam Schefter reported that Josh Gordon would be suspended 8 games when the new Drug Policy is all said and down. Now Mary Kay Cabot is reporting he will actually be suspended for 10 games because he would be in the 4th violation of the new policy:

The question that comes from this report is that if Gordon was not considered positive, based on the new rules, how could this be the 4th violation?

The entire saga has been full of reports, counter reports and faulty use of sources. Much like with NBA Free Agency it seems everyone has a source and very few are correct.

Just prior to Gordon being suspended, near the end of Training Camp, sources were all over the place. Some said he would still be suspended, some said a reduced suspension and some said no suspension at all.

Cabot does not have a history of reporting weakly sourced news but take note that she only notes a singular source. Generally speaking well sourced reports have at least 2.

Update: Albert Breer and Ian Rapoport are reporting the same as MKC:

Update #2: Shefty is now on board with the rest, looks like 10 games for Gordon if everyone agrees right?

If true great job MKC getting the report first.