Browns 100% Dawg Pound Hype Video Released


The Cleveland Browns have gone all out to try to make the Browns fans experience at the games exciting and fun. Obviously this mostly will depend on the product on the field but giving attention to the in the stands stuff is also important. The Browns have upgrade a ton of things around the stadium and look to continue to do so often.

The additions of big scoreboards, escalators, a drum line and Swagger the dog all were made to improve the fan experience.

Today, in preparation for Sunday’s Home Opener against the New Orleans Saints the Cleveland Browns unveiled their 100% Dawg Pound hype video as a part of their Stadium Reveal. Take a look and see how excited you get for Sunday:

Jimmy Haslam and Alex Scheiner have made it clear that upgrading the fans experience is a key goal for them. Yet unlike Scheiner’s last place of employment, with the Cowboys, they promised to do it in a very Cleveland way. So far they have kept to that promise, except for scoreboards shaped like Haslam’s home state of Tennessee.

What do you think so far of the job they have done? What do you think of the slogan 100% Dawg Pound? And finally are you excited for Sunday?