NFL Drug Policy Call at 4PM: Some Interesting Notes


The NFL Drug Policy related phone conference with the player representatives is reportedly on going. From all reports most of the language bugs have been worked out and the players and NFL are ready to come to an agreement. According to George Atallah, Asst. Director of the NFLPA, today’s phone call and vote is the start of the process:

So that means there will still be work to do after today, but likely that is going on behind the scenes already. For some players, like Josh Gordon, the timing of the call could impact this weekend. While the Browns will not practice tomorrow, a small walk through is likely. Since Gordon, like Wes Welker, was in camp, they both would have a good grasp of the playbook to be able to contribute this weekend. It is possible that since a game for this week was already played, that no one is reinstated until Tuesday to keep things fair.

One reason this might be true is a tweet from Mary Kay Cabot about what timeframe the NFLPA may be trying to get worked on:

That could impact far more players. If they tested positive twice but neither got up to the level in the new agreement that could have a great impact. It also could likely get those players their money back from the suspended time. In this video from First Take with Jay Feely he does a great job of not talking about Josh Gordon, while seemingly talking about Josh Gordon:

So maybe Gordon will be back right away? At this point we do not know. We do know that a simple majority vote is needed for it to pass, so 17 out of 32 teams, so no one team could railroad the process.

"Just a simple majority needed to pass NFLPA vote, so one team can’t stop anything. Point is no rubber stamp awaits. There will be debate."

Are you as ready as I for all of this to be done?