Report: Josh Gordon To Be Suspended for 8 Games (10:15 AM)


The Josh Gordon story is getting very close to conclusion and reports will continue to surface with new sources. We covered earlier today that Gordon could be suspended between 6 and 10 games. Now Adam Schefter is reporting that exactly in between 6 and 10 games, 8, will in fact be the suspension:

It is an interesting number and again a sign that the NFL doesn’t seem to do things exactly by policy. If the new Drug Policy, when it is approved, says that players who were tested in the new league year will be impacted then Gordon should serve the full year. If it says that players who were suspended in the new league year will be impacted then Gordon should be reinstated immediately.

The lone thing that would be outstanding for Gordon would be his DUI arrest. Yet in the scheme of the NFL policies he likely would not get suspended until the legal system took its course, see Hardy, Greg, and when it does a game or 2 has been standard.

Either way the idea that the Browns will have Gordon this season is huge. 8 games may not be a lot but half the season could be greatly impacted. If the Browns can get a split, 4 and 4, before getting Gordon back the push for a playoff spot could be very real.

What do you think of this new report and what seems to be the NFL just making up suspensions?