Browns Vs. Saints: First Quarter of Hope


The Cleveland Browns take on the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland today. The Browns Vs. Saints has an opportunity to be a blowout or a defining moment for the new Browns regime. Many factors will play a role in which way the game goes. We are here to cover all the big plays, as well as a few less notable but as impactful plays, from the game, quarter by quarter.

Here is our Browns Vs. Saints First Quarter of Hope Takeaways:

  • Browns speed evident as they force 3 and out and giving up only 2 yards.
  • Browns go no huddle after a quick first down.
    • After success last week not surprising to see it early.
  • Overthrow of Andrew Hawkins stops 1st drive.
    • A ball driven in to Hawkins is a clear 1st down for the Browns.
  • Big Paul Kruger sack gets Drew Brees at the 1, almost a safety.
    • Browns coverage a key to that sack.
  • Browns force another punt, Saints lose 2 on the drive.
    • Getting pressure with only 4 is huge.
  • No one open but Hoyer throws it up for Taylor Gabriel, forces a flag and first down.
    • Brian Hoyer has confidence to try to make something happen, huge.
  • On 4th and short Browns go for it in the redzone.
    • Quick move in the hole gets Terrance West the yard the team needed for a first.
  • Hoyer with a strike to Miles Austin who has a great release move. Touchdown.
    • Play action pass holds linebackers, gives space for the pass inside.
  • Saints finally get their first 1st down, under 5 minutes left in 1st.
    • Browns D and crowd noise forces 2nd timeout by Saints in 1 quarter then a false start.
  • 3rd punt forced by Browns.
    • No quick pressure but coverage is allowing them to get there.
  • 13 yard gain to Gary Barnidge with pressure in face.
    • Isaiah Crowell does just enough to pick up blitz up the middle to give Hoyer time.
  • 3rd down pass right on target to Austin is dropped.
    • Hoyer leading a clean drive leads to FG attempt. Saints penalty gives Browns new life and a 1st down.
    • FG was no good. Double whammy for the Saints.
  • Limited offense leads to another FG attempt, this one good. Browns 10 – Saints 0

What did you take away from the First Quarter of Browns Vs. Saints?