Report: Josh Gordon to Be Allowed Back in Facilities


The NFL, the Cleveland Browns and around 20 players, including Josh Gordon, are awaiting final decision regarding the new drug policy. A few things still seem out of whack for Gordon even as all reports are that he will be suspended 10 games:

  • Many are unsure how this is his 4th positive test.
    • He came into the league with his 1st.
    • Codeine last year was his second.
    • This test would be his third.
  • Why, if the test would not be a positive under the new policy, will he be suspended at all?
    • Best explanation is one we gave first: test was in ’13 so he is positive, punishment was in ’14 so he gets ’14 suspension instead of the full year.

Besides all of that the rest of the impact on Gordon and the Browns is still yet unknown. Some of it is coming into focus as tonight we get a report that Gordon will be permitted back in the facilities while being suspended:

That is huge news for both Gordon and the Browns. Structure is very important for those struggling with addiction. While trying to control someone is also problematic. Being at the facilities with his teammates, coaches and training staff should give him a perfect balance. He will be able to workout, have fun with his teammates in the locker room and be expected to hold to the same standards as them. If he wasn’t allowed the Browns would not be allowed any contact with him.

For the Browns this will help them protect their asset while also preparing him to play the final 6 games, if that ends up being the suspension. Gordon will know the game plans, calls and audibles by being at practice all week. The Browns will also be able to monitor his conditioning to make sure he is in the best shape for his return. While nothing prepares you for on the field play like on the field play, Gordon can focus on developing his strength and cardio shape while at the facilities.

While we still question some of the final details, that haven’t officially come out yet, this one seems like a big win for Gordon and the Browns. Who knows, with the way today went, maybe those final 6 games will be very meaningful for the team.

What do you think of this report and the results?