Browns Win From A Saints Perspective


The Cleveland Browns defeated the New Orleans Saints in one of the best games from this Sunday. Prior to the game we went Behind Enemy Lines with Who Dat Dish to learn more about the Saints and what the Browns were in store for. Today we return to that conversation with them to see how they feel about the Browns win:

1) What were your thoughts on Brian Hoyer coming into and then out of the game?

I liked Brian Hoyer leading the Browns last year. He was doing some great things with the team, and seemed like the type of quarterback to put an end to the curses the team has had to that position. Sadly, the injury to him would force him out as Browns fans know. He did exactly what he needed to take the Saints out of the equation. He worked with poor coverage and lack of adjustments to get that ball out quickly. To say that he exposed Patrick Robinson is a gross understatement.

2) What player stood out most to you that you didn’t expect to?

Karlos Dansby. Here’s a Browns team that was questioned by replacing D’Qwell Jackson in the offseason with Dansby, and he’s been nothing short of spectacular for this defense. He was the best defensive player for the Browns yesterday, leading the way with 12 tackles and a sack.

3) What did you think of Johnny Manziel‘s 3 plays?

I had a feeling we’d see him yesterday, it just made too much sense. I know that the Saints defense was ready for Manziel and his packages. Agnew should have had that catch, but credit Jairus Byrd for his hit. I believe a smart defense will expect Manziel to be featured on running type plays, so the Browns could find some success in the future by allowing Manziel to pass.

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4) What surprised you the most yesterday?

For me, it was the Saints’ rushing attack. We changed one person the Saints offensive line last year, and that was the addition of veteran Jonathan Goodwin. Goody isn’t a stranger to the Saints, but the push/surge up the middle has helped the Saints field a Top 5 rushing attack in the first two games. That’s not something you could never say has been paired with the team in quite some time.

5) Finally, how shocked are Saints fans today?

It’s an eerie feeling sitting at the bottom of the league at 0-2. However, I said this yesterday – if you were able to cope with 2007, 2008, 2012, and anything prior to 2006, you’ll be fine. Many fans are hitting the panic button prematurely, and are attacking players on Twitter. We didn’t expect to start this way, but we’ll have to deal with it. Many are also calling for cornerback Patrick Robinson to be released/replaced. At the end of the day, the Saints are a very talented team, and should rebound. The deck is stacked against the team.

Well reasoned points after a huge loss, are you this reasonable after Browns losses?