Josh Gordon Pleads Guilty to DWI: Huge Implications (Suspension & Contract)


On a day when the new NFL Drug Policy is likely to be announced, Josh Gordon has reportedly pled guilty to DWI:

The penalties are minimal but the implications are huge for Gordon and the Cleveland Browns. Based on reports, specifically coming out of the NFLPA, any DUI/DWI/OVI conviction will result in a 2 game suspension for first time offenders. That means not only is Gordon on the hook for the 10 game suspension for his positive test, which we covered this morning in a little detail, he also now has these 2 games added on.

Some may be thinking “So what, what is 2 games when he is already suspended for 10?”

Well besides the fact that 2 games could be huge for the Browns season, nice we can talk as if they could be in the running for the playoffs near the end of the season, Gordon’s contract could be greatly impacted. To accrue a season in the NFL a player must be on a roster for 6 games, players on IR count generally. With these two suspensions Gordon will only be on the roster for 4 games meaning his year doesn’t count and the Browns will hold on to him for another season before having to worry about unrestricted free agency.

From what we understand Gordon will likely be a restricted free agent, instead of an unrestricted free agent. The Browns can put a big tender on him to keep teams from trying to lure him away with a big contract. If another team does the Browns will then get compensated for Gordon. It also gives the team leverage in any contract negotiations, which will be difficult enough given his suspension history on top of his huge season last year.

All and all the Gordon saga seems to be never ending. Today’s news could be huge. It is always possible that Gordon and his team has negotiated something with the NFL or maybe he wants to stay in Cleveland and has little worries about the negotiations.

Update: It seems like the NFL is going to do some more creative decision making and not suspend Gordon for the extra 2 games:

So he doesn’t get the automatic suspension because the plea came before the new deal. Under the old deal Roger Goodell could still suspend Gordon since it is a part of the Personal Conduct Policy. Seems to be just making things up as they go. This year it benefits the Browns, long term not as much.

What do you think of this new news?