Report: Josh Gordon Notified, Officially Suspended 10 Games


According to Jason La Canfora the NFLPA has begun to notify players of the changes to their suspensions from the new drug policy. One of those is Josh Gordon who is officially out for 10 games:

Gordon already seemed to have an idea this was coming as 2 days ago he posted this picture on his Instagram account, notice the words he posted with it:

November 23rd is the 12th week of the season for the Browns. With their early Week 4 bye a 10 game suspension will run Gordon till the end of Week 11. The Cleveland Browns will face off with the Atlanta Falcons. By that point in the season the Browns will have a good idea where their season is headed.

They will be coming out of a stretch of games that are relatively easy compared to their start and end to the schedule. Besides the Bengals in Week 10 the other 4 teams the Browns face in the 5 games prior to Gordon’s return all drafted in the Top 8 last season, with 3 of them drafting in the Top 5.

If the Browns can come into the Falcons game, and Gordon’s return, with a 5 -5 record their chances of a 9 or 10 win season rise dramatically with Gordon’s return. Following the game with the Falcons, the Browns face the Bills, Colts, Bengals, Panthers and Ravens to close the season. Besides the Bills none of those games looked easy to start the season. Injuries and poor play can change things by that time.

As is it looks like Gordon will be returning to Cleveland to start to work in the team facilities and be in his best shape ever to return to cause havoc on the NFL. At that point if the running game is humming adding Gordon to the receiving corp could give great hope to the future of the team, and possibly the playoffs.

At this point are you shocked by the results?