Andrew Hawkins 3rd Ranked WR This Year


The Cleveland Browns may have stolen Andrew Hawkins from the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season. With A.J. Green, 2 high round tight ends and a plethora of other receivers and backs, Hawkins was often forgotten by the Bengals.

With his unique skill set, that includes amazing release moves, Hawkins needs to be utilized as the 2nd or 3rd guy in the progression instead of the 4th or 5th like he was in Cincinnati. His release moves means the quarterback has to be ready to deliver him the ball in stride to make the most of his skills. The Bengals failed to do so and didn’t value Baby Hawk. Their restricted free agency tender level meant they could match any team’s offer but wouldn’t get compensated if they didn’t. They didn’t and the Browns and Brian Hoyer couldn’t be happier.

Pro Football Focus, who is starting to get the recognition they deserve, just put out their Top 10 receivers ranking (New Window) so far for this year. PFF does a great job of analyzing game tape to give players grades. They don’t just give out A’s and B’s, instead they look at every play to give the most accurate grade possible. They are well worth the subscription cost for their inside information (only $26.99). Their rankings have Hawkins ranked #3 so far this year:

"3.  Andrew Hawkins (CLV) +3.5We are not supposed to have favorites but, in our weaker moments, this guy is one."

Amazing! Hawk is tied with Sammy Watkins of Buffalo and just .2 behind Andre Johnson for second place. Jordy Nelson has far outdistanced everyone with a 4.8 ranking.

Long term think of the damage Hawk can do with Josh Gordon and a healthy Jordan Cameron on the field. His yards after the catch should skyrocket.

For now it is great to see him getting this kind of recognition nationally. If you follow me on Twitter you know my love for him. He may not have over the top 50 yard gains all the time, but Hawkins makes plays. He is vital to the Browns converting 3rd downs and Kyle Shanahan is being creative in the offense which gives Hawkins and Hoyer great opportunities.

Are you shocked by this ranking?