The Brian Hoyer Ballad (Set to Hallelujah Tune)


Cleveland fans are awesome. We make videos, photos, memes and the internet meaningful. Today we came across an amazing video: The Ballad of Brian Hoyer. Here it is in all it’s glory (you can find the exact words below the video):

That is just well done!

“The Ballad of Brian Hoyer”
Lyrics/Vocals: Curtis Varouh
Music: Matt Dolan

I heard there was a secret plan
Lombardi had to make you the man,
’cause Mike Lombardi always stood up for ya.
You went to school near W 25th
and learned to play at Brady’s hip,
a Cleveland boy with poise named Brian Hoyer!
Brian Hoyer (4x)

For years you backed up other men,
and all you ever learned from them
was how study someone who outscored ya.
Well we dressed you up in orange and brown,
and sent you in with Weeden down.
Like that the team was tougher than sequoia!
Brian Hoyer (4x)

And on the evening of the draft
with question marks at quarterback,
were you pleased to see us trade down for a corner?
Then we traded up from twenty-six
and took Manziel. Did it make you sick?
Did you feel like you’d been duped by your employer?
Brian Hoyer (4x)

Well maybe there’s a God above,
but there was never much to love
about the Cleveland Browns for years before ya.
So I pray you’ll be the one in charge
and lead us on a victory march,
too bold to let a broken knee destroy ya!
Brian Hoyer (4x)
Brian Hoyer (4x)