Browns Provide Coaches’ & Players’ Families Great Services


The Cleveland Browns are more and more becoming a first class organization. While Jimmy Haslam has had his share of issues, that everyone and their brother knows about, with his company Pilot/Flying J, his running of the Browns has improved the team. Not everyone agreed with his firing of a head coach after only 1 season, but so far Mike Pettine has made that move look like a smart one.

The Browns are also offering a service to the families of coaches and players that Gil Brandt likes:

Based on the presentation, calling it unique, it seems this is not a regular thing across the NFL. It seems like it should be but that is what good organizations/businesses do, they figure out a need and fill it.

This service shows that the Browns are serious about caring for their players. While the team was in the bottom 5 of teams players wanted to play for in an ESPN survey, how they treat their players could change that drastically. Obviously winning a few games would also help. The weather is the only thing that Haslam can’t control that is important to players.

While we will hold are breathe until a winner is on the field, the rest of the team’s decisions seem to be solid. The off the field entertainment has clicked. Involving fans in decision making process, including the endzone color scheme, is engaging. Bringing in Brownie the Elf, even for a short time, and adding Swagger the live dog are both fun additions.

On the field the team seems to be building something solid. With 2 first and fourth round picks next year, as well as the rest of their normal draft picks, a ton of cap space and an exciting quarterback of the future in Johnny Manziel the Browns future looks bright.

Taking care of the coaches and players, when they don’t have to and it seems many teams don’t spend money doing so, shows great priorities.

What do you think of the team taking care of the families like this?