Browns Vs. Ravens: 5 Reasons For Optimism

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Nov 3, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron (84) can


The Ravens, much like the rest of the NFL, have dominated the Browns in recent years. That means they have a high level of confidence coming in to the game on Sunday. The Ravens could believe that “the same old Browns” are still the team on the field. They have good reason to think so since no matter what else changed over the years the team never seemed to break that mold.

This Browns team seems to be doing just that and could feast on the overconfidence of the Ravens. Baltimore could come in expecting to put their boots on our throats and walk to an easy win. Even if they get down they likely will expect the Browns to cough it up somehow and let them take the victory away.

The methodical ground control offense and the ultra aggressive defense can create havoc for a team with those kind of thoughts. The Browns will work the clock on the ground, while still always looking to score since their offense doesn’t change much given scenarios. The defense will be willing to let the Ravens run some but bait Flacco into throwing the ball where they are ready to make a big play.

Overconfidence often leads to belief that somehow, someway the team will win. The Ravens have always had a cockiness about them but overconfidence is something different. They beat the Steelers and the Steelers had their way with the Browns in the first half of their game. In their mind that means they should be able to dominate as well.

Not this team. Not this year.

What reasons do you have to be optimistic?