Josh Gordon Suspension Reduced But Another NFL Ruling Discrepancy Today


Josh Gordon officially had his suspension reduced to 10 games today. Connected with that reduced sentence is that Gordon gets to return to workout with the Cleveland Browns and can attend meetings. He is not able to practice with the team but that change in the policy is best for the player indeed. Gordon released a statement, through the NFLPA:

"STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF JOSH GORDON“I’m happy that the NFLPA and NFL worked hard to agree on a new Substances of Abuse policy.  I’m very thankful to my union for fighting for a significant reduction in my suspension.  I’m glad I can go to the facility during my suspension. I look forward to going to meetings, working out individually, and learning from my coaches and teammates. I can’t wait until game 11 to get back on the field!”"

Yet while that news is good, and what we expected, the NFL continues to make decisions that are in discrepancy from Gordon’s ruling. We shared in the past, click here for a new window for the full story, about Matt Prater and how he was given different treatment even though he was reportedly in the same stage as Gordon:

"Which brings us to today. Yesterday the NFL made the Matt Prater 4 game suspension official by announcing it. A 4 game suspension for a kicker tends to not be a big deal, except when that kicker was facing the same year long suspension that Gordon is facing. Both Prater and Gordon are reportedly in the same phase of the Drug Policy and therefore facing the same punishment. Gordon’s was for marijuana mostly while Prater’s for alcohol. The language of the NFL Drug Policy does not seem to differentiate between the use of legal and illegal drugs, so the situations are still comparable."

Once is not acceptable but with the NFL is unsurprising. Except today, on the same day that Gordon gets his suspension reduced to 10 games, comes a report that Dion Jordan was granted leniency and not suspended for 10 games, instead he got 4 more:

I continue to be befuddled by how the NFL is handling these situations. Three guys reportedly use substances that would cause them to miss full seasons, then 10 games once the new policy went into place today, but two of them get 4 games instead. I feel like I am living in crazy land that nothing has been done about this and very little talk of these discrepancy exists in mainstream media. I have sought more information and understanding but have found none.

So while Gordon will be back after 10 games off, technically back after Week 11 due to the Browns Week 4 bye, he should be back earlier for tons of reasons. Forget all the testing issues, the second hand smoke argument and all the rest; why hasn’t the NFLPA or Gordon’s legal team sought equal treatment for him compared to these other two players?

Am I missing something? Help me understand if you can.