Johnny Manziel Accessorizes the Heisman Trophy


Johnny Manziel‘s impact on the field this year could be minimal. If Brian Hoyer is able to be steady and Manziel continues to show struggles with the transition to the NFL, the sideline is where Manziel will spend most of his time.

Thankfully, since Training Camp started, he has done a good job of keeping himself out of the headlines off the field. Like some of his old teammates reported, and we expected, Manziel has been all in with the Cleveland Browns. Today’s post is nothing serious but more to show a fun side of Manziel.

Manziel accessorized his Heisman Trophy with a Rolex:

Seems like a fun thing to do when A) You have NFL money on top of a ton of family money and B) You have a Heisman Trophy. Now obviously he didn’t do anything permanent that could be seen as desecrating the trophy. Instead, in his words, he gave “Gifts for the boy.” Not sure why he used the plural form but just a young guy having some fun.

The good news for Browns fans is nothing concerning seems to be in the background. No Davone Bess background Bob Marley pictures or rolled up joints.

This picture shows a fun side of Manziel that is not harmful or even bad PR.

Do you think you would enjoy hanging out with Johnny Football?