Brian Hoyer Is the Answer for the Browns


The Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens. We already covered 3 big plays that impacted the game and led to the loss. Those plays were huge but the Browns have been competitive for their first 3 games. They should have won this game as they dominated in most areas except penalties and the run game.

One thing that we can take away from this season, specifically following this game, is that Brian Hoyer has answered a ton of the questions that were asked about him. He also has become The Answer for the Browns. Whether he is the answer for only this season or for longer will be up to him, his agent and the Browns Front Office.

For now it is time to look at all of the reasons Hoyer checks the boxes needed for the Browns, starting with statistics:

0 – Hoyer has not thrown an interception in 156 passes.

21 – The Browns have scored 21 or more points in all 3 games this season with Hoyer leading the offense.

-3 – The Browns scoring differential, difference between their total scoring and their opponents, is only -3 for a team that is 1 -2.

1 & 6 – Hoyer was only sacked 1 time, for 6 yards, today. He gets rid of the ball quickly avoiding big negative plays.

19 – 25 – Against the rival Ravens, Hoyer only had 6 incompletions even in a game where the running game struggled some.

64% – Hoyer is completing 64% of his throws this season.

21 – Andrew Hawkins has 21 receptions on the season due to Hoyer’s quick and solid decision making.

Yet it is not only with these, and other, stats that Hoyer checks the boxes. He has also shown that he is the answer for the team in other ways:

  • His first 3 games have been against defenses that historically have been tough and present unique problems for offenses.
  • He hasn’t been fazed in difficult situations. While he hasn’t been perfect in late games the moment never seems to much for him.
  • Hoyer takes responsibilities for his mistakes instead of pointing fingers.
  • He hasn’t allowed Johnny Manziel‘s package of plays to bother him.
  • Even when he started bad last week, he seems to learn from his mistakes.
  • He has the respect of his coaches and teammates.
  • He has kept the passing game respectable without Josh Gordon all year, Jordan Cameron for a game and a half and a group of smaller receivers.

Anything, and I mean anything is possible after this season with Hoyer. The Browns could Franchise Tag him, they could sign him to a contract, they could let him go in free agency and they could trade Johnny Manziel. For the Browns this is a great problem to have. If they think Manziel is the QB of the future, they have 2 QBs capable of starting.

The Browns are 1 – 2 on the season but the questions that have been at the QB spot for the Browns for years have an answer. How long he remains the answer is another question but Manziel will spend far more time on the bench this season, barring injuries, than he will on the field. Hoyer answered that question, and many more.

Do you agree Hoyer is the answer for the Browns?