Browns Vs. Ravens: Expectations and Prediction


The Cleveland Browns face off against the Baltimore Ravens today in a game that could be huge for the home team. Here are some expectations for today, again in bullet points for easy reading, and at the end you will see my prediction for Browns Vs. Ravens. We will review tonight or tomorrow how well we did.

  • The Browns will defer, again showing confidence in their defense, if they win the coin toss.
  • On offense, the Browns will open up throwing the ball on first down as the charged up Ravens defense tries to stop the run.
  • The Browns will uncork the No Huddle offense within the first 3 series, possibly even their first.
  • Terrance West will be a little too excited and won’t hit the hole as hard as he has been for the first quarter.
  • Isaiah Crowell will get more carries late in the 1st early in the second quarter.
  • West returns after halftime to dominate the ground game.
  • One of Jordan Cameron, Andrew Hawkins or Miles Austin leaves the game with an injury.
  • Travis Benjamin has a big role in the offense early.
  • The defense is dominate.
  • Torrey Smith beats Joe Haden and Donte Whitner on a double move for a long completion or touchdown.
  • The Ravens offense struggles to get anything going through the air.
  • Their ground game gains yards but can not do enough to make a huge impact.
  • The Browns create 2 or 3 turnovers (1 or 2 INTs and 1 fumble recovery).
  • The Ravens make a run early after half to try to pull close.
  • The Browns shut the door quickly and the Ravens pack their bags to go home early in the 4th quarter.
  • The Browns stadium is loud and raucous for most of the game but are unsure how they are suppose to act late in the blow out win kinda die down a bit until near the final whistle.

Prediction – Browns 37 – Ravens 17

What is your prediction?