Browns Vs. Ravens: Takeaways from 3rd Quarter of Excitement


The Cleveland Browns face off with the Baltimore Ravens. We will give you takeaways from each quarter. A huge game for both teams. A win for the Browns sends them into the Bye Week on a roll.

Here are our takeaways, both the obvious and then the less obvious, from the 3rd Quarter of Browns Vs. Ravens:

  • Browns get a first down coming out of halftime.
    • Andrew Hawkins pulls in pass in tight coverage after gaining yards on an end around.
  • Isaiah Crowell started the second half and ran for a big first down.
    • Terrance West danced a ton in the first half leading to Crowell’s insertion.
  • Crowell takes a quick pitch 14 yards for a TD>
    • 2 end arounds, jet sweeps key to opening the run game.
  • Ravens respond with big TE screen.
    • Defense struggling to stay home allows play to go for 32.
  • Ravens drive down to the 1 yard line.
    • Defense gouged on outside run down close to the goal.
    • Aggressive defense has hurt the Browns on screens and outside runs.
  • Ravens power a touchdown over the right side.
    • Not enough beef/push for Browns, good for 1 play but not the second.
  • First play of drive long pass play to 50 yard line.
    • Andrew Hawkins is almost unguardable with his release moves.
  • Isaiah Crowell with another long run.
    • Getting more time over West this game is a sign of things to come possibly.
    • Crowell, West and Ben Tate could be interesting moving forward.
  • Run game and Andrew Hawkins leads to a 1st and goal.
    • Browns offense has been impressive all season since 1st half of Steelers game.
    • A lot of rinse/repeat in a good way.
  • Touchdown to Miles Austin gives the Browns the lead again.
    • Quick accurate throw key by Hoyer.

The Browns lead going into the 4th quarter.

How are you feeling about the game?