Browns Jersey Sales Top Two States


The Cleveland Browns have a great fanbase. The Browns Backers organization is found in most major cities and a ton of small ones. Browns fans are rabid, excitable and everywhere. Travel anywhere and I bet you will find someone wearing the Brown and Orange proudly.

A recent survey shows that the Browns lead 2 different states in jersey sales. Ohio and Oklahoma:

No measurements are exact when it comes to measuring fandom this one is interesting. The Browns haven’t had consistent stars that would drive jersey sales.

It is likely their current star, and backup quarterback, Johnny Manziel that likely led to the Browns leading both Ohio and Oklahoma. While Manziel is from Texas his proximity to Oklahoma makes sense, and overcoming the Cowboys in his home state is highly unlikely.

As the Browns start to show development, and young stars like Manziel, Terrance West, Isaiah Crowell and even Andrew Hawkins develop, the Browns could continue to take other states. After years of waiting for a winner, the Browns fan base is likely to cause a boon to the apparel industry.

Are you surprised that the Browns own Ohio? What about Oklahoma? Have you bought a jersey lately?