Browns Vs Titans: Behind Enemy Lines


The Cleveland Browns face off with the Tennessee Titans tomorrow in a game of two teams with one win each. Yet even with them having the same amount of wins the Browns seem to be moving in the right direction while the Titans seem to be floundering.

We go Behind Enemy Lines with our friends at Titan Sized. Their editor answered a few questions for us as we did for them. See if you agree with out answers to Titan Sized’s editor on their site.

Now on to our questions about Browns Vs Titans:

Who on the Browns has stood out to you?

I know you’re thinking I should go with Brian Hoyer, but I’m going with Tashaun Gipson. Gipson has two interceptions on the season, one of them resulting in a pick six. He is a physical safety who could easily give the Titans’ receivers headaches.

Besides the QB position, what has been the biggest problem for the Titans?

The secondary hasn’t lived up to expectations. The run game is nonexistent. The receivers have not stepped up to their game. Shall I go on?

What is the Titans’ fans general feeling about their team?

The majority of the fans I have encountered are pretty disappointed with the start to the season. A few still expect a slight turn around with eight wins ending season.

Who are the building blocks of the future for the team? 

I would say Delanie Walker is physical enough to move the offense forward. Michael Oher and Dexter McCluster are new to the organization. They have some work to do, but with their experience and previous success, they could two that could bring it together for the offense.

What do Titans’ fans think of the Browns team?

A comparable team to the Titans, but wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns manhandle the Titans on Sunday.

What is your prediction for the game?

I want to say this game will be close, but I would lying to you. I don’t even see with Locker back the Titans having major changes. I see the game being misleading early, but the Browns will put it away by the middle of the 3rd quarter. Browns win, 27-14.

It looks like we all are on the same page.