Two Browns Starters Questionable For Tomorrow


The Cleveland Browns come out of their Bye Week healthy as expected. This fourth game is a vital one for the team as they look to make this season unlike the ones of years past.

Two starters are questionable though which could create a little bit of concern. Actually only one starter, Desmond Bryant, is officially questionable:

So in one sentence you said two starters and now you say it is actually one, what gives? Well that is what happens when the other player, Ben Tate, calls himself questionable:

Interesting for a player to dispute what his coaches have said, then again Tate seems to match to a little different beat than most. Tate being limited is far less of a concern for the Browns with the presence of Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West. Tate may get the start but Crowell and West will likely get the majority of carries, depending on who is running well.

Bryant on the other hand is a very important player. He has had a wrist injury severely limit him so far this season. He has even struggled getting into a 3 point stance because of it. He is listed with both the wrist and a new glute injury. How Bryant injured the muscles in his buttock is unknown but those could greatly impact the strength he in his base. The combination of the two injuries could keep him out tomorrow.

The defense has struggled stopping the run and Bryant’s injury has only been a portion of the problem. If he gets back to health Bryant can anchor outside against the run. With his weak wrist, and now glute, that will be more difficult. That puts more pressure on Phil Taylor, Armonty Bryant, Billy Winn and John Hughes to step up and show that they can be solid starters.

What do you think of Tate’s statements?

How big of a deal do you see Bryant’s injuries?