Browns Vs Titans: Big First Quarter Plays


The Cleveland Browns face off with the Tennessee Titans in a game matching up two teams that each only have one win. A big game for the Browns as they try to right their ship back to a .500 record while the Titans welcome back starter Jake Locker.

We will cover the Browns Vs Titans looking at big plays in each quarter as well as the possibly unseen decision/play/move that led to the big play.

Starting here with the First Quarter:

  •  Browns hold Titans to one first down.
  • Jordan Poyer and not Travis Benjamin on punt return. Caught punt and out of bounds at the 7.
    • Directional punt was great giving Poyer little choice.
  • Brian Hoyer sacked on 3rd and short leading to a punt.
    • Overload blitz that Hoyer needed to find his hot receiver but was unable.
  • Jake Locker runs for a first on 2nd and 12.
    • Barkevious Mingo not even close in missing a tackle on Locker near line of scrimmage.
  • Pass interference by Joe Haden after Locker scramble.
    • Browns inability to hit the QB when close led to Haden grabbing receiver outside.
  • On 3rd and 3 Titans hit a quick hitter to Kendall Wright.
    • Another missed tackle leads to a touchdown.
  • Browns go 3 and out.
    • Five yard run on 1st by Tate goes doesn’t help as Travis Benjamin’s cross route ends a yard short.
  • Kendall Wright with a 38 yard pickup on an end around run.
    • Failing to hold contain and a missed tackle leads to huge gain.
    • Wright makes the Money Manziel sign after gain.
  • Titans march down field to the redzone with all runs.
    • Browns getting gashed up the middle and around the edge. No improvement after Bye Week.

Which play had the biggest impact on this quarter to you?