Video: Brian Hoyer Dances After Browns Win


The Cleveland Browns had the biggest road comeback win in NFL history today. While he was not perfect Brian Hoyer was a big part of it. Fans of Johnny Manziel or who are just used to focusing on the negatives will see the things he struggled with.

However Hoyer’s performance, and fans response to it, shows you how bad of quarterback play we have seen here in Cleveland for so many years. It may not be Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady but it could be good enough.

What is not good enough is Hoyer’s dancing. Phil Taylor shared this video via Instagram:

We would love to give a description or explanation for the dancing but none would seem to do it justice. We have more questions than we have answers:

What was Joe Thomas doing?

Did Taylor only get the players on video who can’t dance?

How much fun is it to get to enjoy a Browns win?

What does your victory dance look like?

Either way Hoyer has put to rest any concern related to his ability to hold off Manziel. Our guess is that Manziel is a better dancer, but let us hope that we don’t see a video of Manziel dancing out in a club during the season.

Willing to upload your victory dance video?