Johnny Manziel Tweets Support of Todd Gurley


Johnny Manziel has mostly kept himself out of the spotlight since the season started. He has done little things like laughing on the sideline when the team was losing and stating that he misses college. Yet all in all he has been basically stayed quiet and out of the headlines on and off the field.

Hopefully soon, if he plays any, he can make a highlight or two on the field.

Today off the field he weighed in on a college controversy:

Most know by now that yesterday Todd Gurley was suspended from the Georgia Bulldogs for what has been reported as him signing autographs and getting paid for it. For Texas A&M fans it sounds quite familiar to what they dealt with early in the season with Manziel.

Manziel was suspended for one half of a game last year while there are reports that Gurley could lose the rest of this season, and his college career.

Manziel choosing to weigh in on a subject matter that brings back up his past choices, ones that were against the rules, is poorly timed. Manziel and the Browns are preparing for a huge game against Division rival Pittsburgh. Instead now Manziel, or Browns coaches and teammates, will likely be asked about this tweet.

Johnny Manziel has never seemed to want to follow rules. Whether he thinks the rules are dumb, many of the NCAA rules are, or he just believes he is above them, he is Johnny Football, he hasn’t shown complying to be a high priority. It is possible it is this very mindset that will make him a great quarterback. Or it could cost him as he fails to adjust to the NFL.

Either way Manziel will now be intertwined with the Todd Gurley situation based on one, simple tweet.

Does this tweet bother you at all?