Terrance West A Healthy Inactive


Terrance West has been a good running back for the Cleveland Browns, especially early in the season when Ben Tate was injured. Today he is an inactive but not due to any injury issues:

Glenn Winston, an undrafted player picked up on waivers from the San Francisco 49ers will be active this week.

The Browns traded up in the third round to get West and were rewarded with the most rushing yards on the team and for rookies in the NFL. West has 235 yards on a 4.4 yards per carry average.

This week, with Tate showing he could be healthy last week, West was beaten out by two undrafted players in Winston and Isaiah Crowell. One reason Winston is active and West is not is that he provides some special teams help.

Crowell has shown a greater burst to the whole this season than West, who has seemed to dance more often over the past two weeks. This could be a wake up call to the rookie.

The Browns likely still have high hopes for West going forward and have to hope he pans out for what they gave up to get him. Tate, with his injury history, isn’t the long-term answer for the team and a two back set of West and Crowell, with Winston as the third stringer, would give the Browns a dynamic, young backfield for years to come.

How surprised are you by West being a healthy scratch?