Brian Hoyer’s Defining Play from Browns Win


Social media is full of discussion on the value and worth of Brian Hoyer, and we will look to address that soon. After yesterday’s big Cleveland Browns win Hoyer is the talk of the town. Sadly that talk also includes thoughts about what to do with him next year, as he is a free agent, and how much credit he deserves, and how much goes to the support cast and coaching staff.

What we do know about Brian Hoyer is that he is able to lead the Browns to victories. Last year, with a different set of coaches and supporting cast, he did so. This year he is doing so. The next three games set up that he will continue to do so.

Yesterday’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers was an interesting one for Hoyer. His stats were nothing that would put him in line for MVP voting, nor make fantasy football players very happy, yet he was victorious. Inside the normal stats lay more important information about how great yesterday was for Hoyer:

  • Hoyer only threw for 217 yards.
    • He averaged 12.8 yards per attempt.
  • Hoyer only completed 8 of his 17 attempts.
    • He averaged 27.1 yards per completion.
  • Hoyer only threw one touchdown.
    • He did not throw a interception.

Hoyer also had a 93.6 QBR and a 113 QB Rating in the game.

Yet none of that was the defining play for Brian Hoyer yesterday. That play came on a quick pitch to Isaiah Crowell:

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Did you see that block? Watch it again!

That block is why teammates love Hoyer and will follow him. With Steeler defender Arthur Moats about to tackle Crowell for about a 8 yard loss, Hoyer led by example by sticking his head in and allowing the back to actually gain a yard instead of losing 8. That is what a leader does, that is what has earned Hoyer a ton of respect in the locker room.

Brian Hoyer may not ever have the best arm or perfect accuracy but it is plays like that which will define him as a player, a teammate and as a leader.

What play(s) defines Hoyer’s value most to you?

  1. This block
  2. Touchdown pass to Jordan Cameron
  3. Audibles at line of scrimmage in no huddle