Brian Hoyer Jersey Sales Take A Leap Over Johnny Manziel’s


Brian Hoyer has not only led the Browns on a resurgence on the field with his play, but he’s also led them back toward the top of NFL jersey sale charts. 

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Through the NFL season thus far, we’ve pretty much learned that it would take an unfortunate injury to get Johnny Manziel on the field under center over Brian Hoyer. Hoyer has the Browns and 3-2 on the year through five games and is quickly making a name for himself while Manziel mans the sideline.

But just how big of a name is Hoyer making for himself? Well, enough to see a skyrocket in his jersey sales, which have shot the Browns back toward the top of the team sales list as well.

According to the DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report, which reflects sales both nationwide and online, for the week of October 8-14, Hoyer’s jersey sales shot up 85 spots top land him at No. 5 on the overall player list. Yes, 85 spots the Michigan State product went up. Plus, to make matters that much better, he’s two spots ahead of his polarizing rookie backup.

Also, because of this, the team’s overall sales took a leap from the No. 13 spot to No. 3 in the rankings.

It’s amazing to think that before the season started, there were a good amount of people pondering when –not if– Manziel’s overwhelming popularity would get him on the field over Hoyer. Now, here we are after six weeks, talking about how Hoyer’s jersey has outsold Johnny Football’s.

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