Should the Browns Have Pursued Percy Harvin?





I got to my car this evening just in time to hear the news of the Percy Harvin trade break, and reactions were mixed on whether the Cleveland Browns should have made an offer since Percy Harvin has apparently been available for a few weeks. A mid-round pick for that amount of talent could be a steal, to be sure. With the underwhelming yet overachieving ability that the Browns currently have at wide receiver without Josh Gordon, most would agree that Harvin’s skillset would be welcome.

After all, this is a guy that has averaged over 11 yards per catch and 6 yards per rush in his career. He has had injury problems throughout his career, but it’s not impossible to imagine that they are behind him or that his talent overcomes any injury concerns in the eyes of many. Despite not playing for nearly all of last year, Harvin’s play was a big part in Seattle’s absolute domination during the Super Bowl. He has had a rough start this year, but there’s no reason to think he wasn’t primed to eventually break out.

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So there must be a reason to Seattle Seahawks were willing to part with him. To no one’s surprise, the word around the league was that Harvin was a problem in the locker room. This is precisely what the Browns DON’T need. Coach Pettine repeatedly stresses the importance of staying grounded and being a team player, and the rumblings (and later admissions by West) behind the reasons for Terrance West‘s benching last week speak precisely to it. It says even more when West has played very well up to this point. While it may have been a “coaching decision” there was also an obvious message behind it: play hard and play for the team.

I think it’s safe to say the Harvin doesn’t fit that role. The Browns are much better off saving the pick, pushing forward as a team and using the pick on someone who they believe will “play like a Brown.”

We will cover some on the field reasons Harvin may not have fit later, but what do you think about these off the field issues?