Browns Vs Jaguars: 1st Quarter Big Plays & Summary


The Cleveland Browns are taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game where they are favored and getting a ton of national love. We will cover the game quarter by quarter and then give some coverage afterwards when we know the results.

Here are the Big Plays, and some of the underlying things leading to them, for the 1st Quarter of Browns Vs Jaguars:

  •  Brain Hoyer misses Taylor Gabriel on 2nd and 7.
    • Hoyer likely could have run for a first.
    • Pressure on next play gets to Hoyer, throw behind Travis Benjamin.
  • Browns hold on 3rd and two forcing a punt by the Jaguars.
  • Tashaun Gipson an interception and return to the redzone.
    • Sheard hit Bortles forcing the bad throw.
  • Browns lose yards on the series leading to a FG attempt.
    • Kyle Shanahan ignores the run on the series.
    • Field Goal is Good!
    • Browns 3 – Jags – 0
  • Browns again stop Jags on 3 and 2.
    • Ishmaa’ily Kitchen stops the run up front.
    • Browns only had two down linemen on both second and third and short.
  • Browns fail to get passed the 50 yard line.
    • Hoyer’s pass a little too high and Travis Benjamin can’t pull it in getting both hands on the ball.


The Browns are struggling on offense because the Jaguars rush defense is stout. Hoyer has made a couple good throws but isn’t crisp. The Jaguars offense is bad which has helped the defense keep them from getting anything going.

What Big Plays do you think were important this quarter?