Browns Fans Parody Frozen Song As Team Succeeds


The Cleveland Browns look competent. Browns fans don’t know what to do when this happens, as few have had the experience. While the Browns still have a bunch of games to go it is possible that they could compete for a playoff spot, and possibly the AFC North, throughout the season. Adding Josh Gordon will help that process as well.

Since Browns fans don’t know what to do with success, except make T-shirts, one group decided to do a song parody. A parody of a Frozen song: First Time in Forever:

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While the audio and the video are off a bit, we will forgive amateurs who are just trying to have fun, the song is perfect. Fans are somewhat confused by what they are suppose to do with a winning Browns team. Thinking about the Super Bowl is mostly ridiculous but fun. Most fans, especially before the season, would have been happy with a 8 – 8 record. If they were given truth serum, Browns players, coaches and executives likely would have been happy with that as well.

Yet at this point anything is possible. They sit within a half a game of the Division and a Wild Card spot.

Anything is possible: A playoff season, a .500 season or a complete debacle of the second half of the season like last season.

For now we celebrate. For now we make T-shirts. For now we make parody videos.

What song do you think represents the Browns season so far?