Browns Victory Summed Up In One Big Play (Video Included)


The Cleveland Browns defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today in a hard fought 22 – 17 win. The Bucs only have one win on the season, against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers (thank your closest Buc fan now), but gave the Browns a tough game through the end.

The Browns found a way to win instead of losing. The difference between this Browns team and ones of years past can be wrapped up in that statement. This game, the Raiders game, the Titans game and the Saints game are all games the Browns would have lost in the past. Something would have gone wrong. A player would have been out of position. The coaches would have made a wrong call. Instead those games all turned into wins.

Even the blowout win over the Steelers was not a game the Browns enjoyed in the past. When wins did come they came more like today’s: A nail biter. A blowout victory against a division opponent who also has a winning record halfway through the season? It is like a Sasqwatch sighting. You know those big mythical creatures that lurk in the forest? In the past they shared commonalities with big Browns victories: big, mythical and lurking.

Then days like today happen. The Browns were not perfect, far from it. Yet instead of finding a way to lose the game, the team pulled it out. The team showed that they believe in each other, and in the coaching staff. They laid it all out on the field against the Bucs and made plays when they had to.

One play summed it all. It sums up the difference between this Browns team and teams of the past:

What you missed, by just a second, was the actual block that Terrance West put on All World linebacker Lavonte David. Don’t worry Twitter is a great place to find things and here we have that block as a still shot:

West’s willingness to dive to make a block for his quarterback shows how much of a leader Brian Hoyer is, how much the team believes in their ability to win and how much West has bought in to what the coaches have been teaching him.

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For the Browns that play could be the turning point of the season. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t how it was drawn up. It wasn’t easy. But it worked and the team is now 5 – 3.

This game was so important for the Browns because it takes a ton of pressure off next week’s Thursday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. A win and the Browns are likely in at least a share for 1st place in the AFC North. A loss and they are still sitting with a winning record after nine games and have only one game left before the return of Josh Gordon.

A win summed up in one play. A total effort, a total Cleveland Browns play.

Our Browns are 5 – 3. It hasn’t been perfect and isn’t always pretty but it is time to celebrate.

How are you feeling after the big Browns win?

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