How Cam Newton Could be Key to Browns Season


The Cleveland Browns take on the Houston Texans tomorrow yet Cam Newton is the focus on this article. Why you ask?

Well we like to look forward to see what the rest of the season could look like. One example is that the Buffalo Bills schedule is very tough, meaning the Browns are likely to get pretty good picks in the 1st and 4th rounds.

As for the Browns goal of making the playoffs, the team’s schedule is also difficult. After the Arian Foster-less Houston Texans, the Browns have the struggling Atlanta Falcons and Bills in games away from Cleveland. They follow those up with two very difficult games at home against the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns finish with two away games at the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens.

If we give the Browns a win tomorrow and then assume they split against the Falcons and Bills and a split at home against the Colts and Bengals, that would put the Browns at 9 – 5 going into Week 16. Their Week 17 game will be tough, and possibly for the division. A coin flip game that could be their 10th win or 6th loss.

That puts a ton of weight on the Week 16 game against the Panthers. That is where Cam Newton comes in to play, and his importance in the Browns season.

The Panthers have struggled this season, now sitting 3 – 6 – 1, but are only 1 game behind the division leading New Orleans Saints. Should the Saints pull away the Panthers would have a decision to make by Week 16. Should they sit Newton to preserve his health?

Cam Newton takes a ton of pounding as seen by this statistic:

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In the last four games, 4 losses, Newton has been a pin cushion. Last week against the Eagles he was sacked 9 times. The Saints sacked him 4 times and Seattle and Green Bay each sacked him 3 times. Newton is already in contract negotiations with the Panthers and is obviously their franchise guy. Should the team put him in a position to get hurt some more after a season where he has been injured or hurt for most of it. He has had his rib issue and foot issues, along with coming off off-season ankle surgery. A big risk against a Browns team that rushes the passer well.

By Week 16 this could be a mute discussion. The Browns could run the table and cement themselves in the playoffs or fall off a cliff quickly. Likely their Week 16 match-up with the Panthers will be very important. Cam Newton’s health and availability could be decisive for the Browns season.

Predicting the future: Do you think Cam Newton plays in Week 16?