ESPN NFL Power Rankings: How Far Down for Browns?


The Cleveland Browns lost a game in which many fans were demoralized. They expected their team to come in strong and beat the Houston Texans who were without their best offensive player and starting a new quarterback. Instead they got destroyed.

ESPN NFL Power Rankings are now out and as expected the Cleveland Browns fell, but how far down for the Browns?

"17Browns6-4Last Week: 11Brian Hoyer was 4-of-14 for 103 yards on throws at least 15 yards downfield. Hoyer entered Sunday with a league-high 55.4 completion percentage on deep throws."

The Browns fall six spots down to #17. The Texans only got a two spot bump for their win, very telling about how the Browns are still seen. The Browns are the lowest ranked six win team and are followed by the Texans and Buffalo Bills who both are 5-5.

Is that ranking too generous for the Browns after getting beat so badly Sunday? Or should the Browns get credit for their big wins against the Steelers and Bengals who are ranked higher than them right now?

While the ESPN NFL Power Rankings do not decide anything, this isn’t College Football, they give a glimpse at what the national perspective on the team is. The Browns have a chance to right the ship against the Atlanta Falcons this week. The Falcons are coming off a win and are in first place in the NFC South, all with a 4 – 6 record. Winning against the Falcons, and then the Bills, would quickly help right the ship before a very tough finishing schedule.

What do you think about where the Browns are ranked?

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