Remembering Josh Gordon’s 2013 Season


Before we get started remembering how great of a season Josh Gordon had, including looking at some game highlights, remember that we have already put out two articles looking at Gordon’s return. We noted reasons why Gordon could struggle upon his return and reasons he could dominate upon his return. Both are good reads as there are reasons to think either possiblity could come true. We are obviously hoping for the domination version.

Why Josh Gordon Could Struggle (New Window)

Why Josh Gordon Can Dominate (New Window)

Now on to a little reminiscing about last season for Gordon and some of the amazing things that he did in advance of his return Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Gordon totaled 87 receptions in only 14 games.
  • All 3 Browns Starting QBs had so much confidence in him he was targeted 159 times.
  • Gordon led the league in receiving yards, with 2 less games, with 1,646 yards.
  • Gordon had an eye popping 18.9 yards per catch average.
  • Gordon also had 88 yards rushing, on only 5 attempts for a 17.6 average.
  • Gordon did not lose a single fumble.
  • Gordon had 3 games of 10 or more receptions.
  • Gordon did all this with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell throwing him the majority of his passes.

Week 3

In his first week back, much like this week against the Falcons, Gordon faced a team on the road inside a dome, the Minnesota Vikings. It turned out pretty well for Gordon and the Browns as the team won 31 – 27 and Gordon had 10 receptions and 146 yards. He had a receiving touchdown and chipped in with one rush attempt for 22 yards. This was in Hoyer’s first start for the Browns.

Week 11

The Browns were trounced by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27 – 11, in Week 11 but Gordon had 14 receptions for 237 yards and a TD. He was unstoppable in one of the best performances Browns fans had ever seen. No one expected to see another like it in their lifetime. He was good on a variety of routes and made the Steelers pay even when double covered.

Week 12

After torching the Steelers Josh Gordon somehow did even better in his recording setting performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 10 catches for 261 yards, a 26.1 YPC average and 2 touchdowns staked Gordon’s claim as one of the best receivers in the game.

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Week 13

In a very close loss to the New England Patriots, 27 – 26, Gordon even got the best of defensive mastermind Bill Bellichick. Gordon had 7 catches for 151 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for 34 yards on his lone carry of the game. Though the Browns lost, Gordon continued to dominate.


Gordon has been out since Training Camp. He was allowed in the building to train and should be very healthy. He will have to figure out what game shape is but, like his return last year, he could excel in the dome conditions in Atlanta. How he fits in the Kyle Shanahan offense will be interesting but expect a talent like Gordon to work no matter what. Gordon made things happen last year with 3 different QBs force feeding him the ball. This year Hoyer is the QB and the offensive system is so creative it could create even bigger stats for Gordon down the road.

As we look forward to Sunday, let us look back at video highlights of Gordon’s season and be in awe:


His ability to separate. His ability to get an extra 5, 10 or 20 yards after contact. His ability to catch the ball with his hands away from his body. His ability to get the ball when contested by defenders. His ability to run after the catch, and make it look so easy. His ability to high point the ball and go up and get it. Gordon is the complete package and he is coming back to the Cleveland Browns.

What are you expecting from Josh Gordon’s return after remembering his great 2013 season?