NFL Playoff Race: Important Games for Browns This Week


The Cleveland Browns are in the thick of the NFL Playoff Race. Instead of focusing on where their draft pick will be, although we get to do that with the Buffalo Bills, we get to focus on important games for the Browns each week that could impact the NFL Playoff Race. We start with tonight’s Thursday Night Football game and continue all the way through to Monday Night Football (or whenever the Bills/Jets game actually takes place).

Thursday Night

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

The Chiefs are visiting the Raiders but are a big favorite tonight. The Chiefs are currently slotted in as the first Wild Card spot with a 7 – 3 record. The Browns sit one full game behind the Chiefs. The Raiders are winless but have looked a bit better with interim coach Tony Sparano at the helm. They have the homefield advantage and everyone has a fighters chance in the NFL. The road team has struggled on Thursday Night Football which also helps the Raiders.

Browns are rooting for? Oakland Raiders (Praying is a more accurate description as opposed to rooting.)

Sunday 1PM

Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons

The Browns are coming off a blowout but get Josh Gordon back. The Falcons are somehow leading their division at 4 – 6, so it is a big game for both teams.

Browns are rooting for? Cleveland Browns

(Bonus) New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

The Jets are out of the NFL Playoff Race but the Bills only sit one game behind the Browns. It will still be an up hill climb but a win this week puts a lot on the Bills/Browns game for the following week. The weather and the Bills inability to practice this week means this could be a very interesting game. The more Bills losses also benefits the Browns draft positioning with the Bills 1st and 4th round picks. That makes this game a bonus, whenever it actually takes place.

Browns are rooting for? New York Jets

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

A tough game for Browns fans. The Bengals currently lead the AFC North while the Texans, fresh off beating the Browns, are only 1 game behind the Browns, and 2 games back of the Wild Card spot. The Bengals recovered from their Browns beat down to down the Saints on the road. They travel again down to Houston. The Texans showed a far different team last week and seem to be getting healthy. Ryan Mallett had a good game and now faces the Bengals beat up defense.

Browns are rooting for? Houston Texans

Sunday Late Afternoon

St. Louis Rams at San Diego Chargers

The Rams are coming off their upset of the Denver Broncos. The Rams are out of the NFC playoff race most likely but have been competitive this season. The Chargers on the other hand match the Browns 6 -4 record and currently wins tie breakers. The Chargers have struggled on and off this season and will face a stellar Rams defense.

Browns are rooting for? St. Louis Rams

Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos

The Broncos are actually tied for the AFC West lead with the Kansas City Chiefs. Peyton Manning‘s team takes the tie breakers currently. We expect the Broncos to make the playoffs no matter what. The Dolphins also match the Browns 6 – 4 record but hold tiebreakers as well. The Broncos are coming off a surprising loss to the Rams while the Dolphins are winners of 4 out of 5 games.

Browns are rooting for? Denver Broncos or a tie could create interesting scenarios both good and bad for the Browns.

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Monday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints

The Ravens should be rested coming off their bye week while the Saints lost to the Cincinnati Bengals at home last week. The Saints are still tied for their division lead with the Falcons but have struggled. They are normally strong at home but the dome and turf also benefit the speed and deep passing game of Joe Flacco.

Browns are rooting for? New Orleans Saints

Roundup – This week, starting tonight, Browns fans are also fans of the Raiders, Jets, Texans, Rams, Broncos and Saints.

Is NFL Playoff Race scoreboard watch new and strange for you for the Cleveland Browns?